Online Baseball Hitting Training Now Available

Ryan Basham and Basham Baseball are proud to announce the launch of a brand new web-based baseball hitting training platform called Hitting Made Simple.

The project started about 3 years ago when Ryan began filming many of the hitting drills, ideas, and information that he’s learned over his decades of playing, coaching, and instructing. Since then, the project has grown and evolved, and become a comprehensive, complete hitting training system. Hitting Made Simple can be utilized by hitters of all ages. It’s also designed to give a parent or guardian, regardless of their level of knowledge of hitting, the guidance they need to train their son or daughter in a more effective manner.

While the hope is that Hitting Made Simple will be utilized by hitters all over the world, it will also be a great addition to those who are already training in-person at Basham Baseball.

“As the Hitting Made Simple website began to take shape over the past year, I started to realize how much of an amazing enhancement it was going to be to our in-person training. The most common question I’m asked when a lesson is finished is, ‘What should I work on between now and our next session?’ Usually, I’d suggest an area of focus and a couple drills to the student. But now, if the student has a membership to Hitting Made Simple, I can give very detailed and comprehensive recommendations, and the information they need will be right at their fingertips!”

Ryan Basham, owner of Basham Baseball & creator of Hitting Made Simple

What all is included with a Hitting Made Simple membership?

HMS courses feature video, text, journal questions, note taking, and end with a course quiz. Notes and progress are stored for you as long as you are an HMS member. There are 7 unique courses (Hitting Coach Crash Course, Approach Course, Adjustability Course, Mechanics Course, Timing Course, Vision Course, & Mental Game Course). There are duplicates of each hitting course so that a parent/coach/helper can take the same course as the student, and keep their progress and quizzes separate.

Drill Finder
On our Drill Finder page you get instant access to 90+ hitting drills & 20+ dry drills featuring examples of hitting students of all ages. Each drill has been explained in detail, and filmed in HD with professional video and audio equipment. Search by name or use the filters listed to quickly find a drill that fits your needs. Options include balance drills, timing drills, plate discipline drills, solo/independent drills, team competition drills…and much, much more.

Swing Issues
We’ve identified the most common swing issues among hitters of all ages. On our Swing Issues page you will see examples of each issue, then learn how to use video to identify them. You will also learn the common symptoms of each issue, corrective coaching cues for each, and finally be given a hitting progression specifically designed to correct the issue.

Hitting Plans
Included are three different hitting training plans. They are the Foundations Plan, In-Season Plan, and Off-Season Plan. Each plan features a different format. The Foundations Plan is for students of any age wanting to start with the basics. The In-Season plan is based on your recent game results, and the Off-Season Plan is designed to get hitters middle school age and above ready for the season. Your progress will be stored as you work through each plan.

Strength & Conditioning
Instant access to two beginner workout plans and two advanced strength training plans, each featuring videos of all exercises and the ability to track your reps, sets, weights, and progress. The plans and exercises have been designed and coached by two certified and highly regarded strength & conditioning trainers.

Direct Communication
Students can send direct messages to Ryan through the website’s communication system. Links to video can also be shared if they would like their swing looked at. All communication will be stored for later reference.

For additional information you can visit, or email Ryan Basham directly at

Basham Baseball is a baseball and softball training facility located in Whitestown, Indiana.