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The use of private coaching has exploded across the youth sports world in recent years. With the technicality involved in both the physical and mental game of baseball and softball, private lessons are a great resource for players of all ages and skill levels.

Ryan leans on his experience as a dominant high school, college, and professional hitter to pass along his knowledge to hitters through private hitting lessons.

While the majority of his lessons focus on hitting, Ryan also provides infield, outfield, and catching instruction. Pitching lessons are available to players ages 12 and under (players over age 12 will be referred to a local pitching expert).

Private Baseball Lessons


Private Lesson FAQ

How long is a private lesson?

Ryan provides three options for lesson length. Our most popular option is the 45 minute lesson. With a 45 minute session, the athlete is afforded plenty of time to develop a deep understanding of what is being taught. Other options include the 30 minute session and a 60 minute session. 30 minutes is a good option for a quick tune up for athletes of any age. 60 minutes is a good option for athletes looking to work on multiple skills, such as hitting and fielding or pitching.

How much is a private lesson?

Regular price for a single private lesson is $70. Many facilities charge a higher price for only a 30 minute session, even with less experienced instructors. Ryan prides himself on offering the most value possible to his clients. 30 minute sessions at Basham Baseball are $50 and 60 minute sessions are $90.

Do you offer lesson packages?

Yes. Package deals are available for Ryan’s 45 minute sessions. The more lessons you purchase up front, the greater the discount you will receive. Here are the current lesson package offerings:

Light Package – 3 Lessons- $200 (5% off regular price)

Standard Package – 5 Lessons – $315 (10% off regular price)

Elite Package – 10 Lessons – $595 (15% off regular price)

Do you offer lessons for multiple players?

Yes. On the scheduling page you will see the option to book 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. 60 minute sessions are recommended for groups of 2 or 3 players.

There are many instructors out there. Why should we choose you?

Ryan gives the same amount of attention and energy to every player he works with, from the first year tee-baller to the division-1 college player. His goal is simply to help as many baseball and softball players as he can, and spread the love of the game. He truly cares about each of his students, and their success on and off of the field.

Ryan doesn’t just lean on his many years of experience as a player and coach, he is also a relentless student of the game. He’s constantly trying to learn new teaching techniques and strategies.

Ryan’s favorite part about his job is the “light bulb moment.” It’s that moment when something clicks for a player and you can see the excitement on their face.

How many players have you instructed that received college scholarships?

The short answer, a lot. It’s hard to estimate because of the amount of camps, clinics, team instruction and private lessons that Ryan has done over the years. However, Ryan doesn’t believe in posting the names of college committed players on his website and, in effect, taking credit for their commitments. Although instruction can obviously play a role in a player’s chances of receiving a college scholarship, it’s mostly dependent upon things that are within the player’s control. Factors like grades, work ethic and determination make the biggest impact on their chances of playing at the collegiate level.

How do I know private lessons are right for my kid?

Here’s an article on the topic that Ryan wrote on his website Baseball Made Fun.

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