Group Classes

Some players feel more comfortable and retain more information in a group settings. Group classes are the perfect environment for learning new skills and ideas. Participants will be able to take plenty of actively coached reps, while still getting physical and mental breaks. Players can also develop a deeper understanding of the class material by watching their classmates’ examples and by being granted the freedom to work at a station independently.

Current Class Offerings

Bat Speed Boot Camp

January 8th – March 4th

Format:  9 weeks, one 75 minute session per week. Early session for ages 10-12, late session for ages 13+


Instructors: Ryan Basham & Dale Speckman


About Dale:
  • 15 years strength training experience
  • IYCA Certified Advanced Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 3
  • IYCA Certified Speed and Agility Coach
  • Certified Olympic Lift Coach


Location: Athletic Revolution
                5111 E 65th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220


Dates: Will take place on Wednesday evenings, January 8th – March 4th.


Times:  Group 1 (Ages 10-12); 6:45 – 8:00 pm
              Group 2 (Ages 13-18); 8:00 – 9:15 pm


Features: Program will incorporate both hitting and sport specific strength training on a weekly basis. At each session, participants will perform hitting drills designed to increase their bat speed, exit velocity, improve their swing path and swing plane, ultimately improving their ability to hit for power. In addition, participants will be closely monitored and guided through exercises designed to stabilize, strengthen and mobilize key areas of their body for added power in the swing.


Cost: $325
Space is limited!!
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Group 1 (ages 10-12)

Group 2 (ages 13-18)


Spring 2020

“Stay Hot!” High School In-Season Hitting Program

  • Class will feature a maximum of 4 players per group.
  • Focus is on staying locked in at the plate throughout the high school season.
  • Will develop personalized weekly routines for each individual based on their needs.
  • Discussions on how to take a successful mental approach to the plate each week.
  • Players will be able to discuss their game results and at-bats with Ryan, including going over video when provided.
  • Live batting practice on a weekly basis.